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Ceedaa Limited is an independent manufacturing and advisory services firm specialising in specialist plastic bags, like specimen bags (for exempt human and animal specimens, UN3373 / P650 bags (for biological substances category A and B), 95 kpa bags, etc. and other connected services.

Based in Hong Kong, we support businesses of various sizes worldwide. Our European distribution company enables us to deliver our products directly to our customers.

Years of experience give us the understanding of customer needs. We are able to deliver to the highest standards in a cost-efficient way. All products can be tailor made to exact needs and specifications of customers business.

In addition to that we do not forget the environment. Manufacturing and supplying products made entirely of plastic has an impact on our planet. Therefore, we decided to plant trees. For every 1000 bags we sell, we will plant one tree. Roughly estimated, 1.5 million bags fit into one 20 GP sea container. For such a container, we will plant 1500 trees.

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OUR Products

specimen bags

Specimens of all kinds are at the foundation of scientific research, criminal investigations, the medical industry, and much more. 

UN3373 bags

When transporting biological substances – category B, a more secure and regulated type of specimen bag is required for transportation. 

95KPA bags

Specimens that fall under the category of biological substances – category A or B necessitate the most careful and protective packaging when being transported for further testing, diagnosis, and research. 

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